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It's the perfect solution for designers, programmers, IT professionals, journalists, photographers, architects, independent developers, contractors, engineers, attorneys, accountants or anyone that bills their clients directly without the need for costly, cumbersome invoice software.

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Remember the old way of sending out invoices? You had to fill out a paper invoice, find an envelope, find a stamp, make sure you had the right address, then wait 2 days while the post office takes their sweet time delivering it, then hope that your client doesn't inadvertently throw it out with the junk mail. With Paper Free Billing, setup takes only a few minutes and your invoices arrive instantly in your client's inbox as an HTML formatted email.

Testimonials - What our users say about our invoice software!

I use Paper Free Billing to keep track of all my invoicing. It allows me to keep track of all my outgoing invoices and keep track of what's coming in instantly It allows me to send an invoice or send reminders from anywhere, on my PC and on my smartphone.

But most importantly, it gets me PAID so much faster.

Its integrated PayPal functionality lets my clients pay instantly, so I get my payments so much faster!

I use Paper Free Billing 6-10 times a month to send out my invoices, payment reminders, and payment thank you's.

Paper Free Billing save me both time and money because all my clients are stored in one place, and it get me paid faster!

I would recommend Paper Free Billing to other small businesses and have recommended it to colleagues, and told them this is the easiest and fastest way to get paid and track your clients and invoices, and the most cost effective.

Edwin - Owner, EDZN Multimedia

I use Paper Free Billing because it's web-based, affordable and simple.

I log on each time I need to create an invoice. An average of 4 or 5 times per month.

I chose Paper Free Billing because I didn't have to buy Quickbooks, which would have cost a few hundred dollars. I don't need or want all of the additional features of Quickbooks.

I would recommend Paper Free Billing to friends because it's a quick and easy way to create and send out invoices.

Ryan Christensen - Owner, American Printing & Promotions

We provide computer repair and network maintenance, and use Paper Free Billing because of the ease of generating invoices.

We use it 7-10 times a month and it saves us time and provides mobile access to clients and invoices.

Kelly Miller - Owner, Miller Computer Consulting

Since starting with Paper Free Billing in April 2008 my PR company has issued 250+ invoices to 10 or so clients.

That may not sound like a lot, but for a business that does not employ a full time bookkeeper it is a big deal.

Not having any filing issues, being able to look up invoices by client and knowing that all the invoices and attached notes are safe helps me a lot.

At the cost no other online service beats the Paper Free Billing return on investment for me.

Jacques van den Bergh - Managing Director, Medios

Paper Free Billing has made my billing procedure so much easier and more organized.

Plus, I get paid faster in many cases because clients love the PayPal option!

Ric Seaberg - Owner, Call the Fixer

Client Management

Easily manage your client database with the Paper Free Billing web-based invoice software. You can add as many clients, with as many contacts as you wish. Sending out invoices to the right people couldn't be easier. Set up a recurring invoice template to automatically be delivered every month, week, or whenever you choose.

Easy Reporting

View your total income for any time frame you wish. Need to find out how much a client spent with you in June? How about outstanding debts? Or maybe you'd like to see a cumulative total of all you billed for an entire year? With the Paper Free Billing online software, it's quick, easy and convenient. Best of all, you won't need to install any invoice software onto your PC.

Easy Access with Online Invoice Software

All you need is a computer with a modern browser (we recommend Firefox or Safari) and an internet connection. Because Paper Free Billing is a web based software application, it can be accessed anywhere - securely.

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